Pacífica Surf School

Discover the joy of surfing with our professional, multilingual instructors. We offer private as well as group classes for all skills levels


All prices include use of all surf related equipment and accessories.


Beginner level:

  • 2 hours in gentle waves
  • Warm up/Stretching techniques
  • Surfing safety + etiquette
  • Standing up
  • Board positioning
  • Small waves riding


Intermediate level class

  • 2 hours in gentle waves
  • Ocean knowledge
  • Surfing safety and etiquette
  • Duck dives/angle drop-ins
  • Front side turns
  • Back side turns

Advanced level class   

  • 2 hours in the line up
  • We offer this class to experienced surfers who desire to increase their skill level by learning some of the wave difficult techniques.
  • Instructors of this class are extremely skilled member of Costa Rican National competition circuit.

Ask about our group discount!!

We offer excursions and surf tours in local beaches.


Descubre la diversión de surfear con nuestros instructores  profesionales multilingües ofreciéndote desde clases privadas grupales y cursos en todos los niveles.

     Surf School Schedule

Our schedule depends naturally on tides; for more information visit our contact us page and reach us any time!