About Us

We want you to discover the unique experience of surfing and surf culture around the globe. See with your own eyes what keeps bringing surfers back to the water day after day. Give you the experience of explore around the best surf spots of Playa Santa Teresa with amazing 4×4 Quads.
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My name is Simon,
I am Italian and have lived in Costa Rica for the past 10 years…»my tropical paradise» is how I describe this place. Pacifica Surf School and Pacifica Surf Studios was born from a lifelong pursuit of sports and nature. When I was living in Italy, I had always been dedicated to sports, for 12 years I was a semi-professional motocross rider and I was aiming for big goals in racing until I had to face the reality of an almost complete lack of sponsors.It w... read more

" Make your dream of surfing come true "


Las clases duran dos horas. Nuestro horario depende naturalmente de las mareas; Para obtener más información, contáctanos por medio de nuestro correo electrónico, facebook o llámenos en cualquier momento.

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